We are trying to tend to come up with original and smart packaging or product designs. So this time the task was to create a milk package unlike anything on market shelves.
We wanted to find very abstract or distant association with milk and cow.
Cow being abducted by UFO is pretty common used image in pop-culture. But it was very unexpected idea for milk bottle. So we begun working on it. At first
we sketched the shape of the bottle and its proportions. Then Kanat (our 3D designer) started to model the bottle while the rest of the team were looking for appropriate naming. We had some cool names like Cowsmilk (which reads like “cosmic”), Mimimilk and among them was Molocow.
As you know “moloko” is a russian word but thanks to outstanding director Stanley Kubrick everybody knows this word, we suppose. Also we wanted to pay tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s greatest movie “Orange clockwork”, and “Space Odyssey – 2001″ which is sci-fi classic. We were happy with the product name.
Kanat worked on this project for a month roughly. He’s done the visuals
very well that some could take them as real ones.

"Like a meat"

“Like a meat”

Development of a unique concept and 3D visualization of the project. We had to pick out a new product on the shelves among the same package category. We have developed a package which immediately guessed content and what could mark out the product on the shelves. The can itself follows the shape of the meat, and the name corresponds with the concept.
In 2015, this work won the silver award in the Central Asian Advertising Festival “Red Jolbors Fest” in the “Environmental and product design” category and took the second place at the International festival of design “COW Design Festival” (Ukraine) in the “Product design” category .

"Know Feathery" sketchbooks

“Know Feathery” sketchbooks

Sketchbook Series “Know feathered”, consisting of three copies, is dedicated to the birds of Kyrgyzstan. Book made ​​in eco-style cover is made of recycled material. There is also an information card-label with the description of the notebook. On the reverse side of the cover there is information about each of the birds. This sketchbook drawings created for the copyright, passing records and unique thoughts.

Скетчбук "Идиот"

Скетчбук “Идиот”

Sketchbook “Idiot” inspired to write a masterpiece. A copy of the cover of Dostoevsky’s book of the same name made ​​in the old design. Book with high quality hard cover and 205 numbered white sheets for notes, drawings, notes, and other things. A wonderful gift to inspire their loved ones to create.

Sketchbook "John&Tim Eleh"

Sketchbook “John&Tim Eleh”

Sketchbook «John & Tim Eleh». The new brand, created on the basis of a fictitious legend that is embedded in a notebook. In the film “Salaam, New York,” the main character also appears in a T-shirt with the logo of the company. Sketchbook with a minimalist design for everyday recordings.

Дневник одного гения

Дневник одного гения

Sketchbook “Diary of a Genius” a priori inspires creative thinking. Book with high quality hard cover and 200 numbered white sheets for notes, drawings, notes, and other things, named after the eponymous diary of the great and unique Salvador Dali – a great gift for yourself and your loved ones.